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Wristcam review: New features boost this innovative Apple Watch add-on
For Apple Watch users, how many times have you decided to leave your phone behind when you went out somewhere? You have so much functionality right on your wrist that, …
iPhone 13 isn’t even out yet and Apple fans are already complaining about the weirdest thing
Apple's next-gen iPhone hasn't even been announced yet but some Apple fans are already lamenting the fact that it might be called the iPhone 13. According to a SellCell survey …
The iPhone 13 release date might be September 24th
Any iPhone fan familiar with Apple’s launch schedule could easily predict this year’s iPhone 13 release date, assuming the iPhone maker can stick to its pre-pandemic launch cycle. The iPhone …
Big Data, Big Impact. How Big Data Analytics Influences Supply Chains By Rocky Osborn
Some 40 years ago, supply chains were domestic or local, and they presented a pretty simple process. The globalization paired with the technological boom added new moving parts to supply …
The 5G Revolution has Barely Begun
Though many of you reading this story might be accustomed to seeing the 5G icon on your smartphone or tablet, the rollout of this technology is still somewhat in its …
Housing boom: 4,000 Seattle homes sold for at least $100K more than asking price this year
A new report from Seattle-based real estate brokerage Redfin found that 4,078 houses in the Seattle region sold this year for between $100,000 and $299,999 over asking price, compared to …
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